So happy you are here!

We select the finest ingredients. Organic sugars and extracts. No artificial ingredients. Free of gluten, soy, corn, gums, nuts, lactose, GMO’s, and anything artificial.  Dairy free and vegan options are available.

These treats are for EVERYONE, Gluten Free and those who are not. We set out to make high quality, gourmet gluten free fresh baked treats. They may not win a designer dessert contest based on looks but they will win your taste buds over every time. We continue to develop and offer new tasty products. Our products are produced in a dedicated gluten free and nut free facility.

Request your local grocery store or favorite food shop carry our treats. See the form on the Where to Find our Treats tab. Our treats are available at Strack & Van Til, Town & Country Fresh Market, Apple Valley Natural Foods, Purple Porch Food Co-op, Nature's Cupboard, Georgetown Market, and Island Nutrition to name a few.

How it all started


Sonya von zur Muehlen, wife and mother of five children, experienced many years of gastrointestinal pain and discomfort, joint pain, malabsorption, hair loss, skin rash, and mental cloudiness. She sought various physicians resulting in various diagnosis but no relief. Finally, a celiac diagnosis led to an abrupt change in diet and a tremendous improvement in her overall health.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune reaction to gluten which is a protein primarily found in wheat.  Sonya experienced even more health improvement by eliminating corn, soy, lactose, preservatives, and artificial ingredients.

​Sonya is passionate about food and was not happy with the gluten free options on the market due to lack of flavor and that most contained other ingredients she could not eat.  Sonya then created her own flour mixture, developed recipes, and created family meals and treats that allowed her to enjoy her favorite foods without sacrificing flavor.

Family and friends rave over her food creations with many asking her to make them available on the market for everyone with and without dietary challenges. Several of her family and friends are not gluten free yet enjoy her gluten free treats. Thus, Sonya V Gluten Free was born.