Hearts and Shapes

Unlike any other..

One taste....you will love the difference


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L. H.

I highly recommend!!! I have been gluten free for almost 40 years so I have had experience with many gluten free products. I tasted Sonya’s blonde chocolate chip cookie for the first time…..I now will purchase Sonya V every chance I get…

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Carrie A.

We have found a new favorite and we aren’t even a gluten free household!....The kids say…and I quote “on a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a million!” I have to agree.

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Janet D.

We just tried the big chocolate chip cookie cake. Really enjoyed it! Also we had the chocolate chip cookie and the sugar cookie. Excellent as well! My son and I are gluten free. Husband is not. He said he couldn’t even tell the difference! How cool is that?

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